how to play cosmoteer on mac

How to play Cosmoteer on Mac

Cosmoteer is a starship building game developed by Walternate Realities. The most defining aspect of this game is the customization ability it offers. In Cosmoteer, you can build your own spaceship tile by tile, placing down thrusters, reactors, weapons and other systems however you want. Not all contraptions you can build will perform well, though; the game’s physics engine naturally imposes some limitations. Placing thrusters only on one side but not the other? Probably a bad idea (you should try it though, see what happens). And weapons pointing away from enemy in combat may not be very useful.
Understanding the game’s physics and the parts available to you is the key to making a good design. But a good design is not enough. The ship of your dreams will not magically appear the second you will have envisioned it; everything has a price and spaceships do too. You will have to collect various materials to craft ship systems or earn money to purchase them. But hey, assembling a functional ship from the scraps you will have available in the meantime is its own challenge.
Although it is currently a Windows exclusive, you can play Cosmoteer on Mac as well. Read the guide below for instructions.

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