How to play Crossfire on Mac

Developed by SmileGate, Crossfire is a free-to-play South Korean tactical online first-person shooter. It holds the biggest player count of roughly 1 billion people in 80 countries worldwide. The gameplay of Crossfire moves around the plot of retired special forces brought in from all over the world by Global Risk or Black List, both of which are international corporations conflicting with each other. Having their fate notched by grief and pain, the mercenaries from Global Risk are out to face and complete different orders from various clients whilst fighting against terrorism and protecting universal values. Countries that do not have regular armed forces, states targeted by terrorists, as well as the secret UN Department of Management (group “X”) are often the ones in need of the corporation’s troops. Players within Crossfire are offered to choose which organization they want to play for. Then, as soon as this choice is made, players start joining in to pave their way into completing the missions. Upon reaching success, most effective players are rewarded with experience points comprising your place in the ranking system. To mix up the gameplay a bit, developers have also ensured there are 5 different modes to play in.

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