how to play dark devotion on mac

How to play Dark Devotion on Mac

Dark Devotion is a 2D roguelike inspired by Dark Souls. Developed by Hibernian Workshop, this game is a part of the same 2D soulslike trend that brought us Salt and Sacrifice, Vigil: The Longest Night, and many other gems. As with many other roguelike games, the premise of Dark Devotion is fairly straightforward. You will descend into a ancient, cursed temple because your God willed it so. That said, the game does feature an actual story; it’s not merely an excuse to throw you into gameplay. Pieces of information are scattered throughout the temple, hinting at the dark truths behind both the temple and your faith. Perhaps you will put it all together and uncover the mystery. Perhaps not. During the course of the game, you will amass a formidable arsenal of different weapons, armor, and relics, all of which have different attributes. As the world of Dark Devotion is quite unforgiving, you will often have to change your gear to better counter the enemy you’re facing. And since this is a roguelike, you will lose all of it when you die. Have fun. Dark Devotion can be played on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. You can play Dark Devotion on Mac as well, by using an unofficial tool. The guide below offers more information.

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