play dauntless on mac

How to play Dauntless on Mac

Dauntless is an Action-RPG developed by Phoenix Labs. Although you’ve probably never heard of them – Dauntless is their first release – Phoenix Labs is a remarkable team, as their developers have worked, in the past, for such big-name studios as Riot Games, Bioware, and Blizzard Entertainment.
Set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, Dauntless paints a grim picture: the world itself has been torn apart, killing almost all humans in the process. Those few that remain are being mercilessly hunted down by creatures called Behemoths. But not all is hopeless. Slayers, highly capable and well-equipped individuals, have arisen to combat Behemoths and protect the remains of humanity. The player character will take the role of one such Slayer.
Dauntless was designed to be a cooperative experience, and supports up to six players taking on the same challenge. However, it can be played solo as well. Taking inspiration from games such as Monster Hunter and Dark Souls, Dauntless is not an easy game, requiring skill and effort to progress. Dauntless also features many different activities and frequent updates to keep the game feeling fresh. There is a beautiful world to explore, bosses to fight, and, once in a while, a seasonal event occurs.
Dauntless is available on MS Windows, Xbox One, PS 4, and Nintendo Switch. You can play Dauntless on Mac as well, even though it is not supported. All you have to do is follow the guide below.

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