play death stranding directors cut on mac

How to play Death Stranding: Director’s Cut on Mac

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut by Kojima Productions is an expanded version of the original Death Stranding game.
Death Stranding itself is an action game that takes place in the United States of America, or rather what’s left of it. An event known as “Death Stranding” caused invisible, hostile creatures to appear everywhere. Thankfully, they can be detected and fought – it would’ve been a rather unfair game if that wasn’t the case. The player will have to navigate this post-apocalyptic world, as well as a few supernatural locations, to combat these monstrosities and to rebuild America.
Director’s Cut version of the game expands it quite a lot, adding several new missions, vehicles, and structures. Additionally, the combat system has been overhauled with the addition of several new mechanics. The gameplay is not the only thing that’s been improved, too – thanks to implementing several new technologies, Death Stranding now looks prettier than ever, and the soundtrack got eight new tracks.
However, much like the original Death Stranding, the Director’s Cut version is not available to play on Mac. That doesn’t mean that playing Death Stranding: Director’s Cut on Mac is impossible, though – the guide below will teach you several ways to accomplish this.

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