How to play Demonologist on Mac

Demonologist is a co-op horror-themed game that brings its players into the role of demonologist tasked to investigate supernatural occurrences and exorcise demons. Thanks to well-designed sound and suspenseful scenes, players get fully immersed in the dark and eerie world full of unexplainable things that happen around. Getting things started with minimal experience and skills, players will get more critical knowledge about demonic creatures and what means should be used to combat them. The game’s mechanics involve investigating and exploring a variety of haunted locations, such as abandoned buildings, cemeteries, and catacombs to find more clues about demons’ locations and their weaknesses. Players have access to a number of weapons, such as holy water, crosses, and incantations to exorcise the summoned demon. As mentioned, in Demonologist you can invite up to 4 players into your safe house and prepare yourself for a terrifying and challenging experience together with them. The game has by far turned out to be an actually scary horror with a strong focus on jump scares, storytelling, and psychological elements, bringing a really high level of immersion into the gameplay. If you do not have a Windows PC and would like to get your hands on this game using a macOS too, then go ahead and read our guide to do it. Despite its absence on the official list of supported platforms, there are legitimate ways to launch and play it (and other games) on Mac regardless.

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