how to play desynced on mac

How to play Desynced on Mac

Desynced is an automation/RTS game developed by Stage Games Inc., a Japanese game studio. You are a brave (and perhaps careless) space explorer; by damaging your ship, you ended up stranded in an uninhabited star system far away from civilization. There is, however, still hope: one of the planets nearby is abundant in natural resources. It should, theoretically, be trivial to build a repair facility there. But there is a catch. You cannot go down there yourself, and will have to rely on drones to perform all work. They’re capable little creatures, though; they can mine, they can build, and, most importantly, they can be programmed. Use this feature to implement complex behaviors and create logistical networks. This will be necessary, as Desynced will not allow you to rely on conveyor belts; they’re simply not in the game. As you expand your factory and your drone swarm, you will make certain unsettling discoveries. Perhaps this planet is not as desolate as it seems. Right now, this game is available only on Windows PC. As such, you will need a third-party tool to play Desynced on Mac; keep reading to learn more.

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