How to play Detroit: Become Human on Mac

Detroit: Become Human is an adventurous videogame driven by interactive cinematic elements. The game puts its players into a world of smart androids designed to aid mankind in various tasks ranging from housekeeping to serious crime investigation. All of a sudden, some androids start acting against their nature and behaving like real human beings. This raises a series of other androids turning into so-called deviants who try to escape out of their confinement and start living lives free of submission to humans. You, as a player, will be able to choose your values and actions to define what type of future androids will live. There will be lots of tough-to-make choices causing confusion and regrets while fighting for android rights under high-pressure circumstances. Detroit: Become Human is a really interesting game inviting its players to delve into a real gaming movie full of unpredictable outcomes that depend on you. The game is only available as an exclusive release for PlayStation 4 and Windows platforms. Despite such a short range of available platforms, we have some ideas on how you can launch it on Mac as well. Just follow the guide dedicated to that topic below.

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