play diablo immortal on pc or mac

How to play Diablo Immortal on PC or Mac

Diablo Immortal, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, is an upcoming game in the MMORPG genre. This sets it apart from other games in the series, as all of them were Action RPGs (though there were multiplayer elements). Now, if this was a game by some other developer, this might’ve been a cause for concern, as creating MMORPGs is a very difficult process that is hard to get right. That said, this is Blizzard Entertainment we’re talking about. They know a thing or two about these games, having created World of Warcraft. This alone is a reason to be optimistic about Diablo Immortal, but for those that want to know more, there’s a lot of information about what the game will be like.
First of all, Diablo Immortal is a smartphone-only game. To that end, certain considerations were taken to ensure the game appeals to mobile audience. The most important one is that the game will be free to play. Those wary of such games should know, however, that the developers intend to make all purchases feel strictly optional, and promise us that the game will not feature an energy system. The game has also been designed to be playable in short bursts of 5-15 minutes at a time -most activities in the game were made to fit this timeframe. But it will still be a Diablo game, grim-feeling and dungeon-focused just like the other games in the series.
The developers do not plan to let people play Diablo Immortal on PC or Mac, however, it is still possible to do so. Read how in the guide below.

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