how to play diplomacy is not an option on mac

How to play Diplomacy is Not an Option on Mac

Diplomacy is Not an Option is a base-building game with focus on combat. It was developed and published by Door 407, a small game studio based in the UK. You play as a medieval lord in an unfortunate situation; though you have a large and expensive castle, it is always besieged by dastardly enemies. You will be forced to defend yourself with arrows, catapults, and even magical fireballs. Thanks to the game’s ragdoll physics engine, large explosions are quite satisfying to watch, as they throw the enemies around. But even arrows are useful physics-wise; they do damage, but they also stagger. Because your castle is cut off from the outside world, you will also be forced to be self-sufficient and maintain your own economy. This involves growing food, building houses, training soldiers, and even treating the sick. Overall, this game is not particularly complex, but it is certainly fun. Officially, it is available only on Windows computers, but you can also play Diplomacy is Not an Option on Mac. Read the guide below to learn more.

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