How to play Dirt 5 on Mac

Dirt 5 is an off-road racing simulator developed by a group of talented developers behind Codemasters. The game will plug you into a world of a fast and frantic car racing across many parts of the globe like Norway, Brazil, China, Italy, and the United States. Players will be able to try a variety of different modes including rally-cross, ice, monster-truck, and off-road buggy racing. One of the features embodied in Dirt 5 is the dynamic changing of weather and seasons that affect your competition. It is a great opportunity to delve into close-to-reality racing with other players fighting for their spot on a track. There is also a split-screen system allowing 4 players to join and compete together. In addition to that, Dirt 5 features a narrative career mode allowing players to take the role of a character and compete against an opponent (voiced by Nolan North) in a series of championship rides. The game is now playable on Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation series. Unfortunately, Dirt 5 developers didn’t give a chance to play their game on macOS officially. Despite this being by far a shame, we are going to help you launch it regardless. Just follow our tutorial below.

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