How to play Dishonored 2 on Mac

Dishonored 2 is a 2016 action-stealth first-person videogame developed by Arkane Studios. The game’s action takes place in the fictional Empire Isles – 15 years after defeating the Lord Regent and getting rid of the dreaded rat plague. In this new adventure, players will be given a chance to decide what character they want to play – either Empress Emily Kaldwin or her Royal Protector and father Corvo Attano tasked to reclaim the throne taken by Delilah Copperspoon. Each character has its own set of unique abilities allowing players to complete missions however they like – be it a civil steal-like play or no-mercy open-space battles with lots of bloodshed. Dishonored 2 is split into a number of nonlinear missions allowing its players to complete them in various ways – speedrun the locations or take a slower approach while paying attention to details and exploring the map. This makes its gameplay so diverse and breathtaking to play at almost any moment of ongoing missions. It’s been more than 4 years since Dishonored 2 received its shelf on digital stores for platforms like Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox. Unfortunately, macOS is always behind receiving no support for the majority of masterpiece games that come to the market. Although this is a shame, we have some methods to help you fool the restriction and launch it on macOS with the same gaming experience as well. Follow the guide below to do it.

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