How to play Doom Eternal on Mac

Developed by id Software, Doom Eternal was out in 2020 as another chapter of the entire Doom series. Being a sequel to Doom 2016, it has kept all traits of iconic first-person quake shooters spanning across the entire Doom chapters. Eternal continues within 2 years of events that happened on Mars. Players are yet again given control over the Doomguy, a marine soldier fated to be the only man able to stop demonic forces that invaded the Earth. Deags Nilox, Ranak, and Grav along with the Union Aerospace Corporation have teamed up to wipe out the entire humanity living on Earth. This goal is driven by a divine creature named Khan Maykr striving to sacrifice all people for the survival of its own race. Along with a captivating plot, players will undergo a series of never-ending battles against tons of hell priests dwelling on Earth. A wide range of weapons, as well as mechanics, will be the best combo to evict infernal creatures and salvage the world from demonic destruction. Doom Eternal is not only about single, but multiplayer as well. Launched along with the single-player campaign, “Battlemode” gives players a choice to play for Doom Slayer or demon itself that fight each other until somebody wins. There is also Horde mode that lies under development. Developers say it will allow players to join and clash on other player’s single-player campaigns. This beautiful and content-saturated gameplay is now available across 7 popular platforms – Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. If you are the owner of Apple and willing to play Doom Eternal on Mac, this guide below will help you to do so.

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