How to play Dying Light 2 Stay Human on Mac

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is an action/RPG survival horror videogame developed and published by Techland – enthusiastic developers originating from Poland. The game continues the story of its very first chapter, 20 years after the Harran virus breakout. Players will yet again have to show their parkour and close-range combat skills while carrying resources and valuable information to save the entire mankind. As soon as the sun goes past the horizon, zombies will be awakened and start their advent towards infecting the rest of the people. It is your responsibility to prepare the city for night-long survival and not let this happen eventually. Unlike the first chapter, Stay Human includes only melee weapons that can be used to neutralize different kinds of monsters in face-to-face battles. Virus mutations also bore new zombie mutants with greater powers and strengths making each fight even more interesting. The world is yet to discover what plot and gaming content awaits in the upcoming Dying Light 2 Stay Human, but it is already quite promising and worth giving a pre-order. Although the game is not planned to be out for Mac, we have a couple of tricks allowing us to break that restriction. Follow our guide and learn how you can launch Dying Light 2 Stay Human once it is finally released!

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