how to play fae farm on mac

How to play Fae Farm on Mac

Fae Farm is a farming sim with roleplaying aspects. It was developed and published by Phoenix Labs, a Canadian video game studio. As the name suggests, the game is set in a fantasy world; spellcasting and potion-making are frequently used arts, and non-human races are common. The core part of the game is growing plants and raising animals; the experience is further enhanced by other elements typical for farming sims. For example, you are able to decorate your house, interact with your neighbors and, of course, romance some of them. You can also fight monsters, fish, and explore your surroundings. Fae Farm also features a storyline, but it never gets in the way of relaxing. You will be asked to save the world, and you’ll do it on your own pace; your radishes and that cute villager are far more important. This game is available on Windows PC and Nintendo Switch, but lacks a Mac version. However, it is still possible to play Fae Farm on Mac. Read the guide below for instructions.

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