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How to play Final Fantasy VIII on Mac

Final Fantasy VIII by Square Enix is one out of many highly successful Final Fantasy titles. Much like its predecessors, it has been incredibly well-received – with some critics even going as far as claiming that it is better than the previous game, Final Fantasy VII. Though that is a matter of taste, both games, as well as other games in the series, are incredibly well-made and definitely deserve your attention.
Much like all other Final Fantasy main titles, Final Fantasy VIII is a JRPG that can be largely understood as featuring three different game modes. It has “world mode”, in which characters traverse the global map, “field mode” for exploring individual cities and dungeons, and “battle mode”, which is the same turn-based combat as it was in previous games. Of course, FFVIII did change quite a few things here and there – things would get stale if it didn’t! The game no longer features magic points, that were used for casting spells in previous games. In this game, the player has to “earn” spells by fighting enemies, changing the role of magic in combat quite significantly. The game also updated the summoning and experience systems, and reimagined the Limit Break system introduced in the last game.
When it comes to the story, well, it’s best you experience it for yourself. There’s an evil sorceress and a bunch of brave protagonists on a quest to defeat her, sure, but the details? Go and play to find out, assuming you haven’t already.
Final Fantasy VIII is available on many different platforms, such as PlayStation 1 and 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS, Android, as well as Windows. Mac is not on that list, but you can still play Final Fantasy VIII on Mac by following this guide.

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