how to play flatout 4 total insanity on mac

How to play FlatOut 4: Total Insanity on Mac

FlatOut 4: Total Insanity is a demolition derby game developed by Kylotonn and published by Strategy First. Though some people think it’s not as good as other games in the genre, like Wreckfest, it is still a decent game worth your time. In the Career Mode of the game, you will advance through three leagues; each of them will require you to participate in many tournaments, races, and demolition derby events. Although racing is very prominent in this mode, the focus of the game is still destruction. You will never be penalized for ramming into your opponent and wrecking their car; in fact, this is the expected way to complete most racing events. You still have to catch up with them to do this, so don’t expect races to be trivial either. The Career Mode is main game mode, but several others were developed as well. In the iconic Stunt Mode, you will be tasked with performing many dangerous and destructive stunts, and will be awarded a score based on your performance. The Assault Mode, meanwhile, makes races even more destructive by equipping your vehicle with actual weapons. This game released in 2017 on Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and has never received a Mac version. Despite this, it is possible to play FlatOut 4: Total Insanity on Mac. How? Read the guide below and discover.

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