how to play foxhole on mac

How to play Foxhole on Mac

Foxhole is an MMO game that aims to provide a semi-realistic war experience to its players. Both sides need to be concerned about their logistics, industry, and intelligence gathering capabilities to succeed. Each vehicle sent into battle must first be produced by a factory, and the ammunition and fuel it consumes must be manufactured as well. This allows the combatants to engage in realistic warfare strategies, such as cutting off the enemies’ supply lines and sabotaging their infrastructure.
There’s more to wartime infrastructure than just factories, though, and Foxhole reflects that. Underground storage facilities will prevent the enemy from destroying your side’s ammo dumps with artillery. Railway lines and shipping ports will allow for easier logistics. Trench networks and artillery emplacements will help to defend the front lines.
It is not possible for any player to change the course of the war single-handedly. As Foxhole allows thousands of people to play together on a single server, your contribution will likely be small. But that, too, is realistic as war is a massive undertaking.
Officially, the game can be played only on Windows, but several third-party services will allow you to play Foxhole on Mac as well. Learn about these in the guide below.

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