How to play Green Hell on Mac

Based and developed on Unity by Creepy Jar, Green Hell is a first-person survival video game taking place inside of the Amazon rainforest. The game narrates the story of Jake Higgins, anthropologist and rainforest researcher who finds himself awaken around the jungle next to the Amazon river. He, therefore, tries to adapt and survive in the wild environment whilst being in search of his linguist-wife Mia, who got lost on her trip to the closeby village. An open-world simulation forces players to gather raw materials along with food resources to shelter from severe jungle conditions and maintain health. Hallucinations and other physical changes are all post-survival effects impacted by a constantly changing environment. Players must sleep and keep track of their vitals via a smartwatch worn by the character throughout his journey. Poisonous animals, as well as inedible foods, will also challenge you down along your jungle survival. Green Hell is about submerging into a wild world full of dangers and risks. If you are ready to accept this challenge, Green Hell can be officially played on Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox series. Although there is no Mac around this list, we are still going to launch it regardless. For this, read our tutorial below.

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