How to play GTFO on Mac

Developed and published by 10 Chambers Collective, GTFO is a first-person cooperative shooter bundled with elements of horror survival. In this game, an up-to-4-man squad puts on the role of armed treasury seekers to find and carry away unique items from the underground maze swarmed with dangerous creatures. Each match is unique requiring players to show their skills and build the right strategy with their team. Gathering new weapons and resources is also very important to fight off the monsters and escape from the perilous and puzzling place together. Unless you have all friends to fill their spots, they will be played by AI characters. GTFO has its own uniqueness that no other shooter can offer. Its violent and gory content saturated with lots of action will keep you in tension throughout the whole gameplay. Thanks to the Unity engine, the game acquired high-peak graphics with all the fancy features to tweak and improve your play. Unfortunately, the list of supported platforms narrows down to Windows only. However, if you are a Mac user willing to play it regardless, we are going to show you how in the tutorial below. There are a couple of methods helping users obtain the game on unsupported systems eventually.

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