how to play have a nice death on mac

How to play Have a Nice Death on Mac

Have a Nice Death is a 2D roguelite game in which you play as a Death. Alas, you will not be guiding souls to the afterlife this time. Keeping track of all deceased people is a tough job, and so, normally, you have many employees helping you with this task. But insubordination is at all-time high, and nothing gets done as a result. Perhaps it’s time to show them who’s boss. Traversing through the gloomy, procedurally-generated offices of Death Incorporated, you will meet many enemies, who must be defeated in hack-n-slash combat. And although the scythe is powerful, it will not be sufficient for the task on its own. Over the course of each game, you will find magic spells, upgrades, and weapons. Some of them synergize with each other, allowing you to unleash a sequence of devastating attacks. But labor protection laws are very strong in the afterlife. As you become more powerful, Labor Inspectors will show up and boost your employees as well, to give them a fair fighting chance. Take this challenge in stride; as a Death, you cannot die, so keep trying to beat the game and see all of its story. Currently, this title is available only on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows. But there are several unofficial ways to play Have a Nice Death on Mac. Learn about them in the article below.

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