how to play highrise city on mac

How to play Highrise City on Mac

Highrise City is a city builder game developed by Fourexo Entertainment and published by Deck13. The most important thing about this game is that it’s resource-centric. Though money is a feature in the game, in most cases, you will construct and maintain buildings with actual materials, not abstract cash. Basic resources include wood, clay, coal, as well as several ores such as iron, copper, and gold. However, you will not be able to accomplish much by using just these. Higher-level buildings will require complex materials like steel, glass, and even semiconductors; to obtain them, you’ll need to refine basic resources in factories. Doing so – setting up production chains and ensuring uninterrupted flow of resources – is the most important aspect of Highrise City. A clinic, for example, cannot function without a supply of medical devices, which are made in a factory from semiconductors, steel, and titanium (which are produced in their own factories, too). Even though this game is not available on Apple-made computers, there are several ways to play Highrise City on Mac. Read the guide below to learn about the best available methods.

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