How to play Hitman 3 on Mac

Developed by IO Interactive, Hitman 3 is a conclusive part of the stealth-action trilogy played from a third-person perspective. As always, the ruthless Agent 47 is out to complete the missions with the silencer on his hands. No sound should be produced, so refine your approach with a variety of ways to eliminate your targets and escape scot-free. Take your nerves away and stay patient to avoid being spotted during the missions. The game does not limit your movements, so you can calculate your steps and crouch up to the enemies however you want. With that said, it is your turn to reach the mastery of assassination and become the most stashed killer in the world. Although the game requires to play silent and slow, feeling yourself behind the shadow might be a joy of a new sort. No boredom will kick in as you will be busy killing the targets on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, despite Mac is not on the list of the platforms at this moment, we have a way to get over the hump and launch it on macOS as well. Just follow the instructions presented below.

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