How to play Hokko Life on Mac

Hokko Life is a fun-to-play videogame published by Team17. Along with the Wonderscope team, who took a thorough part in the game development process, players are off to experience a captivating life within the Hokko village. The place you are yet to explore is waiting for a touch of creative people to make it alive again. Build up your own way of living to flood the whole world with masterful pieces crafted from the deep of your workshop. Make sure to get a cup of coffee and biscuits to companion a light, yet curious gameplay saturated with story and soul. At this moment, Hokko Life can only be thrilled by Windows users with no Mac being around. Whilst this may cause you to drop a tear down your face, we have managed to find a way to launch it on Mac regardless. Just follow the step-by-step guide to get over incompatibilities right below.

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