How to play Horizon Zero Dawn on Mac

Horizon Zero Dawn is a popular action game developed by Guerrilla Games. It was released for the PC on 7 August 2020. Previously it had only PS4 version. Horizon Zero Dawn is set in the 31st century, in a post-apocalyptic world that has been taken over by giant machines. The development of mankind has reversed and thrown civilization back to a tribal way of life in which people are engaged in hunting and gathering. The tribes are forced to survive in the deep forests, majestic mountain ranges and atmospheric ruins of their ancestors – all while the machines become ever more powerful. Horizon: Zero Dawn is a third-person Action/RPG. Aloy (the main character) is proficient with both ranged and melee weapons, and uses stealth tactics to combat mechanical creatures. You still can’t download Horizon Zero Dawn on your Mac, because MacOSX version doesn’t exist. Since it is a graphically demanding game – old MacOS machines couldn’t run it. But if you are a lucky Apple MacBook Air 13 owner, or have a newer version of MacBook – you can run this game without buying a new Windows computer. In the article below, we will describe several simple ways to make Horizon Zero Dawn run on Mac, or MacBook.

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