how to play idol showdown on mac

How to play Idol Showdown on Mac

Idol Showdown is an anime fighting game featuring hololive VTubers. It is worth noting that this is a fangame, not an official hololive production. The upside of this is that the game is entirely free, but it does also mean a lower development budget. Don’t worry, though – the game is playable, fun, and has several nice features (such as rollback netcode). Obviously, the main attraction of the game are hololive idols; for now, it features eight playable characters, including Hoshimachi Suisei, Kiryu Coco, and Aki Rosenthal. But even players who don’t care much about VTubers will find it enjoyable, as the gameplay itself is very solid. The controls are great, the animations look good, and no character is overpowered – what’s not to love? If you were looking for a free fighting game, you may very well give Idol Showdown a try. Officially, it is available only on Microsoft Windows – can’t expect too much from a team of fans – but it’s also possible to play Idol Showdown on Mac. Read the guide below for more details.

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