How to play It Takes Two on Mac

It Takes Two is a story-based action-adventure videogame developed by Hazelight Studio. The studio is already known to players for the iconic 4-year old masterpiece called “A Way Out”. It Takes Two is a fascinating game drawing the line between two players who are up to rebuild the relationship between Cody and May, a couple being at the edge of divorce. Overhearing the discord of parents, their daughter Rose relents to the tool shack and cries on the hand-made dolls of her parents. She wants them to regain love and tries to find the answer in her “Book of Love”, written by the “world-known expert of love” Dr.Hakim. The next day after, Cody and May appear in a cartoony world, apparently presented by Dr.Hakim. Now they are challenged to come through multiple missions. To complete them, players will share a split-screen to synergize and navigate each character to find a new spark of love. The game is very interesting and full of various missions that will keep you engaged in the process. It Takes Two does not require both players to possess the game, instead, you can invite any of your friends using the “Remote Play Together” feature. This captivating story can be officially thrilled across Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox series. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to play it on Mac and there would not have been such unless we stepped in to play. Below, we will show you the guide to launch it and play with your friends on Mac despite the circumstances.

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