play kao the kangaroo on mac

How to play Kao the Kangaroo on Mac

Kao the Kangaroo is a platforming game created by Tate Multimedia. Though it is the 4th game in the series, it is also a reboot, so playing previous ones is not necessary. As the previous game was released in 2005, it is easy to understand why the developers have made this decision.
In Kao the Kangaroo, the players will have to navigate through obstacles in a beautiful environment, collect ducats, and engage in combat with the help of boxing gloves. Overall, it is a very old-fashioned platformer, which will remind older players of titles like Mario 64. Being nostalgic for games of that era is not a requirement to enjoy Kao, mind – this game shines because of its solid and straightforward mechanics, not because of nostalgia it may or may not evoke.
The player will have to do more than just jump around in this game, too. The puzzles and the boss fights provide some much-needed variety to the game. Those willing to sink many hours into this game will also not be disappointed – finding all the collectibles is quite a task, and beyond that, there are several secrets to uncover.
Responsive controls, enjoyable gameplay, and gorgeous graphics all make Kao the Kangaroo a title worth playing. The game released on Xbox One & Series X/S, PS4 & 5, Nintendo Switch, and, of course, Microsoft Windows. Apple’s macOS is not on the list, however. But that doesn’t mean Mac owners can’t enjoy the game – this guide will explain how to play Kao the Kangaroo on Mac even though it is not supported.

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