how to play labyrinthine on mac

How to play Labyrinthine on Mac

Labyrinthine is a co-op horror game developed and published by Valko Game Studios. It features two game modes, the Story Mode and procedurally-generated Case Files. The Story Mode, composed of six acts, serves as a tutorial for the game; it will teach you about various game mechanics as you investigate an abandoned hedge maze. Once you’re done with that, you will be ready to start with Case Files; that’s where the game really begins. These randomly generated maps offer endless replayability; thanks to the large variety of monsters and their complex behavior, the game doesn’t get stale. And though these maps do not have a story, Labyrinthine will continue to offer you goals to works towards. By completing challenges, you will be able to unlock certain gameplay elements, like new monsters and map designs, and obtain unique cosmetic items. This game is officially available only on Windows PC, but there’s still a way to play it on Mac. A third-party tool will be needed to accomplish this; there’s more than one to choose from. Read our guide to learn several ways to play Labyrinthine on Mac.

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