how to play lethal company on mac

How to play Lethal Company on Mac

Lethal Company is a first-person horror game developed and published by Zeekerss. In this game you’ll take on a role of a scrap collector – the exact opposite of a comfortable, cushy job. Sure, some scrap collectors out there live relatively calm lives scavenging derelict space stations and whatnot, but you are not one of them. You will have to risk your life by collecting debris on heavily industrialized, polluted moons inhabited by hostile mutants. And despite these risks, you still have a quota to fulfill; playing it safe will not always be an option. But there are positives as well. Instead of being left all on your own, you’ll be a part of a team; as such, you will be able to coordinate with others to improve safety and efficiency. This, of course, presents a challenge on its own, which is precisely the point of this co-op game. Although it doesn’t feature a native MacOS version, you should be able to play Lethal Company on Mac nonetheless. How? Read the guide below and learn.

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