how to play lunacid on mac

How to play Lunacid on Mac

Lunacid is a dungeon crawler game developed and published by KIRA LLC, a small three-person gamedev studio. Inspired by King’s Field and similar retro titles, this game looks quite old-fashioned as well. This is not a bad thing; despite the retro graphics, Lunacid is incredibly atmospheric. It’s eerie, unnerving, and tense… expect to nervously look around, constantly expecting enemies to come from the fog. Sometimes, your fears will be unfounded, but in most cases, you will indeed have to fight. The combat is relatively simple, but not mindless: you’ll need to block, charge your attacks, and use magic spells. Of course, enemies are not the only thing you’ll encounter. There’s plenty of exploration to be done, both to find secrets and simply to get around. Most of your time in Lunacid will be spent in sprawling, claustrophobic tunnels; there’s never an easy path to the exit; you will always have to wander around and explore first. As expected from a small indie studio, KIRA LLC did not release a Mac version of this game. However, it is still relatively easy to play Lunacid on Mac. The guide below lists several methods.

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