how to play marvel strike force on pc, how to play marvel strike force on mac

How to play MARVEL Strike Force on PC or Mac

MARVEL Strike Force is a casual superhero game developed by Scopely. The plot of the game is relatively simple – the Earth is under attack, and this external threat pushes both superheroes and supervillains to temporarily unite to repel the invasion.
The main gameplay loop revolves around collecting characters and sending them to fight against the invading forces – which, in turn, helps you collect even more characters. Many different game modes help keep this simple loop fresh – MARVEL Strike Force offers not one, not two, but seven different ways to play. The main mode is Campaign, the story mode of the game. Playing Campaign battles will progress through the story, however, it cannot be played to the exclusion of all other modes. Sometimes, the players will find themselves unable to progress and will have to explore other game modes to become stronger, first. They can join alliances and participate in Raids, or Alliance Wars. They can try and complete Challenges, or play against each other in Arena, Blitz, and Real Time Arena modes.
The game is available on Android and iOS only – but it’s also possible to play MARVEL Strike Force on PC, as well as on Mac. Read the guide below to learn more.

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