How to play Mortal Online 2 on Mac

Mortal Online 2 is a first-person fantasy MMORPG developed by Star Vault AB, which serves as a sequel to the original Mortal Online game. The game is set in the persistent sandbox world of Nave, where players can engage in various activities such as gathering resources, crafting goods, setting up trade routes, building houses, fortifications, and villages, as well as participating in wars or maintaining peace. There are no classes or levels in Mortal Online 2, allowing players to train the skills they want for their unique build. The game’s plot is not driven by a predefined storyline or voice-work from NPCs. Instead, it relies on the players themselves to create their own stories and flesh out the world of Nave. This player-driven approach encourages players to explore the open world, engage in PvP combat, and participate in the game’s economy and housing systems. Mortal Online 2 focuses on open-world PvP and full-loot mechanics, meaning that players can fight and kill other players, taking their loot in the process. Players can also choose to protect others from marauders and mischief, earning bounties or renown. The game is still in development, with some features such as large-scale PvP, guild objectives, cartography, and certain schools of magic yet to be implemented. Unfortunately, game is only available for Windows platform. However, using our instruction you will be able to play Mortal Online 2 on Mac.

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