How to play NARAKA: BLADEPOINT on Mac

Based on the Unity engine, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a battle-royal videogame inspired by various types of martial arts. The game sets up 60 combatants right from their seats to delve into the action and start fighting against each other on a war-torn island. Each player can choose to control 1 of 7 heroes with their unique skills and abilities while uniting with the other 3 friends or going fully in solo. Unlike in many last fighter standing videogames where players have to scavenge for bulletproof kevlar or assault rifles, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT puts its gamers into the world of searching for various daggers, spears, katanas, and other sharp-deadly melee or ranged weapons along with breastplates and magical trinkets while fighting the enemies. The game also allows performing crazy-vicious combos with the found gear and unique skills possessed by each of the characters. Thanks to the great agility skills of each character, players can swing around the map and find new locations to watch their enemies and map out the tactic on how to attack them. This high-tense and very versatile game will for sure give a fresh look among all common battle royals you’ve seen so far. It is far beyond the borders many players got used to while playing other games in this genre. At the moment, the game is available only for PlayStation 5 and Windows platforms. If you are the one willing to launch and play it on Mac, this means you visited the right page as our guide will help you do exactly that.

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