how to play omega strikers on mac

How to play Omega Strikers on Mac

Omega Strikers is a multiplayer PvP game in anime style developed by Odyssey Interactive. Releasing on September 17th, 2022, the game enjoyed warm reception and currently ranks “Very Positive” on Steam. And although Omega Strikers is free to play, the developers reassure us that the game will never become pay-to-win. Whether you trust this promise or not, it is certainly true for the time being.
Gameplay-wise, many people have compared Omega Strikers to football, or futsal, while in the world of e-sports the closest comparison is Rocket League. All matches take place on a small pitch without any obstacles, with two teams of three players each, and one ball. A team can win the game by scoring five or more goals while also being two points in the lead.
But this is not just a virtual football game with anime characters. Said characters have many abilities, both active and passive, that can shape the situation in various ways. The players can also directly attack each other; good luck playing defensively when your goalie is dead.
Although the game is currently only available on Windows, the developers also plan to release on other platforms eventually. Mac is not one of them, but it is still possible to play Omega Strikers on Mac using the guide below.

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