play salt and sacrifice on mac

How to play Salt and Sacrifice on Mac

Salt and Sacrifice is an Action-RPG game developed by Ska Studios. It is a sequel to Salt and Sanctuary, a 2016 game set in the same world. The dark, foreboding atmosphere of Salt and Sacrifice, as well as its challenging gameplay, has earned it, as well as its prequel, the title of “Dark Souls of platformers”. And while reviewers love comparing every single game to Souls these days, this time the comparison is actually appropriate. The combat is complex, with a wide selection of weapons that have their own unique playstyle and movesets, defensive equipment such as shields, as well as the ability to attack with magic. There are many bosses, requiring the players to methodically develop strategies in order to defeat them. Finally, RPG elements such as leveling up and skill point allocation allow for many different builds, which improves replayability. Sounds familiar? As overused as the comparison is, Salt and Sacrifice genuinely resembles Souls in many ways. Unlike the Souls games, however, this game is two-dimensional, with a side view like in platformers. Because of this, the game can be seen as a Metroidvania as well. The curious blend of the two is certainly innovative, and makes the game worth checking out.
Unfortunately, however, Salt and Sacrifice is available only on PlayStation 4 & 5, as well as Windows. This is quite disappointing, as the previous game was available on a much wider range of platforms. However, it is still possible to play Salt and Sacrifice on Mac even though the developers do not support the platform. The guide below will explain how to do it.

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