How to play Sons Of The Forest on Mac

Sons Of The Forest is an intense and atmospheric first-person horror bringing its players into a horrifying survival adventure. Being a sequel to the original The Forest videogame, Sons Of The Forest features a new storyline orchestrated by operative soldiers who got sent to find a lost billionaire and his family on an island full of cannibal humans and mutant creatures. After an unexpected helicopter crash, you and your comrade have to devise a new plan and unite against pervasive dangers. With little of the initial arsenal left, you will have to fight new enemies, solve a number of puzzles, and unravel the mystery lurking behind the forest surrounding you. Similarly to the original chapter, the game largely focuses on the exploration of the environment, hunting, collecting and crafting various items (e.g., weapons, armor, tools, etc.) to survive both day and terrifying night, on and under the surface. Players will always have to maintain a high level of alert to fight off upcoming dangers and use their survival skills to cope with mysterious events hiding within the forest. One more highlight of Sons Of The Forest is its immersive graphics and gameplay elements allowing the players to get the best survival experience that will keep anyone at the edge of their seats. There is also an online co-op enabling players to survive together with friends throughout this scary, yet fascinating journey. All of it makes Sons Of The Forest a true survival hit that for sure deserves a place on whoever’s wishlist, including macOS owners. Although this game does not encompass gaming on Mac officially, we know a couple of ways to launch and play it on macOS regardless! Just read our guide below to find out how.

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