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How to play SuchArt on Mac

SuchArt is a traditional painting simulator developed by Goose Minded and published by HypeTrain Digital. Two versions of the game are available, one paid and one free. SuchArt: Creative Space is the free version; it allows you to paint using instruments such as brushes and stencils, mix colors with a palette, complete commissions, and purchase decorative items with the in-game currency. SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator is the paid version; it has all features present in Creative Space, but also adds new ones. Most prominently, it adds a sci-fi story about AI art – very topical. It also adds the art gallery, where you can ask critics to review your work, and simply has more content. As you can see, the free version is a bit limited, but it can still give you a sense of what playing SuchArt is like: above all, it’s a digital environment to relax and paint in. Gameplay elements are ultimately secondary to this; do not expect challenging gameplay or any form of pressure. Officially, both versions of SuchArt are exclusive to Windows PC. However, it is also possible to play SuchArt on Mac. Read our guide for more information.

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