How to play Teardown on Mac

Developed and published by Tuxedo Labs, Teardown is a sandbox videogame saturated with loads of puzzling action. The game offers a range of various levels entirely made of destructible objects. People who’d like to destress a bit will love this game as you will be able to crash whatever is seen. The whole world collapses under real-life mechanics, be it a car or hand hammer hitting the house. Each mission has a series of goals that must be fulfilled in one minute time. By changing the world during the setup phase, which has no time constraint, players can alter a path to completing the levels as fast as one can devise. Teardown has been created as open as possible to let players shed unlimited creativity on the environment however they want. All of this experience is developed on a prototype engine created by Dennis Gustafsson available for the Windows platform alone. Despite this, there is a way to play it on Mac as well. Want to learn how? – Then follow our instructions below.

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