How to play The Ascent on Mac

Developed by Neon Giant, The Ascent is an action-driven RPG videogame taking place in the cyberpunk world. After the mega-corporation known as The Ascent Group collapses, the world previously controlled by it turns into a bloody mess. It is no longer at peace but rather saturated with chaos and murder all around the place. The question is whether you can survive within new circumstances of living. It is yet to be answered by players who venture into a cyberpunk world. Likewise all games of such sort, players are off to customize and upgrade themselves in order to fight their way out of true hell. A captivating story along with a Diablo-like grinder will dead sure keep you engaged for 15+ hours of play. The Ascent is currently out for Windows and Xbox series. Unfortunately, it is not officially set up for Mac users to play it. Despite this, we know how to allay this hurdle and let you play on macOS regardless. Simply follow our tutorial below.

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