how to play the last case of benedict fox on mac

How to play The Last Case of Benedict Fox on Mac

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is a metroidvania game in the dark fantasy style – quite a popular combination. It was developed by Plot Twist and published by Rogue Games Incorporated. In this game, you will play as eponymous Benedict Fox, a detective investigating a mysterious mansion. But he isn’t your regular old detective armed with his wits and nothing else. Benedict is cursed with a demon companion, and, as such, is able to use unholy powers in his line of work. Being able to experience the memories of the dead is especially useful. But remember, this is a metroidvania game, not point-and-click quest. Yes, there’s plenty of investigation to be done, but the main gameplay elements are combat and platforming. Our protagonist’s unnatural abilities will assist you in this as well, but eldritch blasts are no substitute for strategy. Without a solid plan, Benedict will quickly join the victims whose deaths he was investigating; you will have to analyze both your enemies and the environment if you wish to succeed. Officially, this game can be played only on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. But there are several unofficial methods that will allow you to play The Last Case of Benedict Fox on Mac as well. Learn about them in the article below.

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