how to play witchspring r on mac

How to play WitchSpring R on Mac

WitchSpring R is a roleplaying game done in cute anime style. It was developed by KIWIWALKS, a Korean game development studio. In this game, you will play as a witch named Pieberry; determined to live among humans, she is about to embark on an epic adventure. There are many things to do in this game, but the most important mechanics are time management and combat. To progress through the game, you will often need to improve Pieberry’s stats, which can be done by scheduling training sessions, as well as by engaging in other activities such as exploration and crafting. Only a limited amount of tasks can be done each day, so you will have to prioritize. Understanding the game’s turn-based combat system and developing a general strategy will help you decide which stats to improve. Though the story of WitchSpring R is mostly linear, it features many sidequests and several different endings. Those depend on your choices throughout the game and the way in which you’ve trained Pieberry. The developers of this game support only one platform, Microsoft Windows; however, it’s still possible to play WitchSpring R on Mac. Read the article below for instructions.

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