play wolfenstein ii the new colossus on mac

How to play Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus on Mac

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is a sequential chapter after the widely-applauded Wolfenstein: The New Order was first released in 2014. The bloodthirsty first-person shooter yet again spawns you into a body of William Joseph Blazkowicz, who, in unity with his comrades, builds up resistance against the parasitic Nazi regime set up by Germany in the alternative futuristic past. Likewise, to the previous Wolfenstein chapter, the game combines scenes of severe shooting and stealth types of mission approaches. Players will also experience numerous cut scenes and character-to-character dialogues, forming the whole plot full of unexpected twists. Being a Polish-rooted Jew, actively hunted and simultaneously feared by enemy forces, you will die and revive to be in the head of resistance and go through a bloody path to put the end to Nazi bastards who hold the entire world in terror and promote non-humanistic order of living. The New Colossus was released in 2017 and has no official release for macOS. Although it is like that indeed, the tutorial below will help you launch and play it on highly satisfying graphics even on game-shallow macOS.

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