how to play zero sievert on mac

How to play ZERO Sievert on Mac

ZERO Sievert is a top-down shooter game developed by CABO Studio and published by Modern Wolf. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this game puts you in a shoes of a scavenger; you will be combing through the ruins of the old world for anything that might be valuable. Fortunately for you (and unfortunately for our character), this task is a lot less boring than it sounds. Raiders may decide that your gear ought to be theirs, while mutants may decide to have you for dinner. In both scenarios, the answer to the problem will be your trusty gun. There are 35 different guns in the game, and more than a hundred weapon mods that change how they behave. So no matter what playstyle you prefer, you’ll be able to have a weapon that’s truly yours. All maps in ZERO Sievert are procedurally generated, so you will not be raiding the same place over and over. The layout of buildings, valuables, and threats are all randomized; you will have a new experience every time you step outside the base. Though the game doesn’t have a Mac version, it is relatively easy to play ZERO Sievert on Mac. How? Read our guide and find out.

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