alternatives to ninjatrader on mac

Alternatives to NinjaTrader on Mac

NinjaTrader is a futures trading software that can also run trade simulations. Still, its primary purpose is trading itself: buying and selling. Doing so with NinjaTrader is very easy; there’s no minimum deposit, and the platform takes fairly low commissions. In addition to standard contracts, you can also trade e-mini and micro e-mini futures; their lower value reduces the barrier to entry as well as the amount of risk involved in the trade. The users can create an account for free or pay a monthly subscription to reduce certain fees. A lifetime purchase option is also available; it reduces the fees even further. Though NinjaTrader has many advantages, it is not available on Mac. However, there’s a number of competing apps we can recommend. The best one is probably MetaTrader 5, though you can use MotiveWave and TradingView as well.

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