solidworks alternatives for mac

SolidWorks alternatives for Mac

SolidWorks is a CAD application focused on modeling solids. Notably, it does not require its users to do any 3D modelling. Instead, the geometry of the part is defined by a series of parameters and relations. Properly specifying these will allow the part to stay functional even after changes, which means that it can be quickly tweaked. More complex components, such as assemblies of multiple moving parts, can also be created. Thanks to this data-focused approach, making them is very easy. Special parameters called mates define how the parts move in relation to each other; once again, the user simply needs to specify them. Though SolidWorks is not available on Mac, a number of competing applications are. Out of all SolidWorks alternatives for Mac, AutoDesk Fusion 360 is probably the most capable, though MicroStation and FreeCAD are also decent.

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