how to play pumpkin panic on mac

How to play Pumpkin Panic on Mac

Pumpkin Panic is a farming sim game with a horror twist. You live on a small farm in the middle of nowhere. During the day, you can plant and water crops, go fishing, or explore your surroundings. It’s a fun and pleasant experience. But during the night, everything changes. It gets dark – impossibly so – and you will not be able to see without a lantern. You will hear eerie sounds all around you, some distant, and some very close… make sure to always stay in the light, or things will quickly get worse. Though Pumpkin Panic is a very short game – it will take you about an hour to explore all of its content – it is surprisingly scary, and provides a great horror experience. The game is available only on Microsoft Windows, though, which is pretty inconvenient if your computer is running macOS. Still, it is possible to play Pumpkin Panic on Mac as well; you will need to use an unofficial tool. Read the guide below for more information.

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