how to play rogue company on mac

How to play Rogue Company on Mac

Rogue Company is a tactical multiplayer shooter developed by First Watch Games. In this sci-fi universe, you play as an agent of the eponymous Rogue Company, who will send you on missions all around the globe. Of course, this is mostly just set dressing; a PvP-centric multiplayer game doesn’t have much place for a story, after all. So let’s get to part that actually matters: gameplay. This game is mainly played as a team deathmatch with 4 or 6 players per team. That said, other game modes are also available. As a tactical shooter, Rogue Company allows its players many different options for movement. You can roll, dodge, and slide, which is very useful for avoiding enemy fire or getting somewhere quickly. Of course, not everything can be dodged; the best defensive option is to stay in cover. This game is available on many different platforms. It can be played on PlayStation and Xbox game consoles, as well as on the Nintendo Switch. It can also be played on smartphones running iOS and Android, and on personal computers running Windows. Impressive! Alas, Mac is not supported. Despite this, there are several unofficial ways to play Rogue Company on Mac. Learn about them by reading the article below.

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