How to play Age of Empires IV on Mac

Age of Empires IV is another and so far the latest installment in the entire 4-chapter series. Relic Entertainment, who is in charge of its development, will embark you onto an exciting journey of medieval fights that decide the course of the entire history. The game is inspired by real-time events that took their place during constantly clashing kingdoms and played an important role in the development of whole humanity. Choose your campaign along with civilization and foster the strategy that will path your way to the top of the world. Build your own kingdom, arm up the troops, and participate in 4K battles against other enemies on gigantic maps. In addition, the game also allows its players to install various modes to mix up their gaming experience with new colors if needed. All of this beauty full of deep history, variable fights, and opportunity to play with up to 8 other players in PVP or PVE modes make Age of Empires IV enter the charts of 2021 games swinging.

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