How to play Among Us on Mac

Known by everyone nowadays, Among Us is a multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth, a young American company with lots of fresh projects yet to come out. Although it was released in 2018, the real hype has been obtained in recent days getting a lot of purchases and downloads around the globe. You may see this game played live by reputable streamers and YouTubers holding first place in trends of gaming. The point is to find and eliminate an imposter around civil players, whose mission is to complete all of the tasks scattered across the space shuttle before a bloody finger gets around your throat. You never know who is going to be a killer, so watch close to not get stabbed in the back. The game also requires sneaky thinking to outsmart civils and drop suspicion over to innocent people. Among Us is an incredible teamwork and betrayal game for 4-10 players that is available on IOS, Android, and Windows. It is quite frustrating that Mac users have not been given a chance to play such an amazing game. Luckily, there are some ways that will help us override the system and launch Among Us on Mac in the article below.

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